We had an awesome time today at our 2024 points season opener at the Slab.

Robert took home the win in Super Stock over Johnny, running 2.2771 vs 2.3592 in the finals.

Super Stock is getting faster and faster, but we are seeing several new faces making very very competitive passes. It’s great to see the camaraderie and sharing of information that’s leading to everyone getting faster. Multiple people made their fastest passes ever today.

The Open Bracket class was a lot of fun with some new faces having some great runs. Carter did a great job in his first ever race going rounds until Heath was finally able to knock him out. Ultimately Bj took a borrowed car to the winners circle over Heath.

The 2.90 class is on another level. 25 entries had some of the best racing I’ve ever seen. As an example during round 3 Johnny got paired against one of Mike’s entries. They left the line 0.0059 to 0.0080, to cross the finish line 2.9090 to 2.9033 respectively. That’s a margin of victory of 0.0036, on a pass where both drivers had better than 15 thou packages. This would have been an impressive race if these guys were in big cars racing for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at one the premier big buck bracket races. But this is the kind of racing we are seeing more and more during local races. Ultimately Jonathan was victorious over Michael with a 2.9376 after a 0.0078 RT vs a 2.9567 after a 0.0147 RT.

After the race the grudge racing didn’t disappoint either. That’s when we got to see multiple Super Stock cars in the 2.2x range that would normally be in the 30s and 40s.

2024 is gonna be a whole lot of fun at the Slab and we can’t thank everyone who comes out to participate enough.

We need to shout out all our sponsors. The 2024 2.90 points series wouldn’t be the same without the contributions from H2O Leak Detection and Pool Repair and RBA Racing. Our lane sponsors Johnson FORD INC and David’s Catfish House – Atmore have really opened some doors for us to do some really cool things. Can’t thank them enough. We also need to shout out our long time sponsors Magnolia & Co. The General Store & K & N Sugar Shop Sweets & Treats , Harrigan Lumber Company , and SnappySign.com . Let’s also not forget our great hosts Poppy’s who make sure we’ve got clean restrooms and some great food options.

The Atmore RC staff is there early and stay late to make sure the whole show goes smooth so can’t thank all those volunteers enough.

Now, an additional note. The date listed on one of our flyers for the next race is wrong. The correct date is Saturday March 23rd. Please check your calendars and make this correction if necessary.

Current Points Standings:

2.90 Index ($820)

1 Jonathan T 18

2 Johnny B 12

2 Mike M 12

4 Roderick H 10

5 David W 8

5 Jimmie B 8

7 Brandon A 6

7 Dane R 6

7 DeWayne W 6

7 Rick A 6

7 Robert G 6

Open Bracket ($260)

1 DeWayne W 12

2 Mallory M 6

2 Rick A 6

Super Stock ($240)

1 Jimmie B 10

2 JR G 6

Congrats to all the winners! We’ll see you all Saturday March 23rd at the Slab!