The weather was bleak today, but we were dry and racing under the shed at the slab! Tanner Parmer took his two entries to the finals of the Super Stock class. Michael Miller took winner honors in 2.90 and runner-up in Bracket. Tristen Pace grabbed the runner-up in 2.90. Last but definitely not least Mallory Miller showed out taking the win in Bracket. We had some grudge racing after the racing. The self proclaimed “fastest box stock in the world” Justin Pace was able to eek out three big wins, two on holeshots and another on a red light. But as usual he bit off more than he could chew and JR Godwin took him to school. Afterwords we were all informed that AGR Racing is coming to win all the classes at our next race on November 25th. Stay tuned to see how that goes. The 25th is our last race of the year at the slab. The 2024 schedule will be posted shortly. Thanks everyone who came out and raced with us and special thanks to everyone that helps make it all happen. From sponsors to staff, to our great hosts; we are blessed to have a great environment to enjoy this great hobby! We’ll see you all at the track!